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"We cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love" Mother Teresa

Welcome to the Intentional Actionist Community. We are part of a global movement that aims to refuture and create our community places with regenerative spaces that benefit our planet and all people.

I am Veronika. I am a designer, project manager, writer, and spiritual scientist. I am also an Intentional Actionist. That means that I seek to take intentional action every day that makes a positive difference. Sometimes my actions are small – like reducing the use of plastic in my home. Sometimes my actions are global – like getting involved in movements to refuture our world or change lives of women in oppressed societies.

On this site you will find stories, resources, places to connect with others, and activities that will (I hope) inspire and motivate you to take some action – big or small – to be part of a human movement that is taking action to build a better, positive, and livable world for our future.

We are exploring ecological systems and environmentally sound practices to recreate and evolve how we, humans, live in partnership and peace with the land and each other.

I am currently exploring permaculture practices, housing options such as co-housing and eco-village communities, and movements such as solarpunk that are rethinking urban/community planning. Through art, vision, and practical action we can collectively move us all towards the kind of life that we all want to live.

We are just getting started. I am excited about where we could be heading. Join me and many others across the globe to be part of the solution for our future.


Veronika Munro

Founder and Lead Associate
Programme Management and Design

+64 22 0238688