Many Paths, One Life

One may only live one life, but there are many paths that a person can take in a lifetime - effectively amounting to living many lives. Some choose only one or two opportunities, and stick to those. Others, like myself, have taken many paths through life. Some have been short lived. Some longer. Some have been exciting, wonderful, happy. Some have been dark and sad, or a bit scary. Thing is, there are always new choices one can make. New paths to travel. In fact, every day you are choosing your path. To stay the course, or to step onto a new path. Neither way is right or wrong. They are simply choices. Every path you choose is the right one, simply because you have chosen it.

There is a narrative we live with in our western society - that one should choose a career, a pathway, early on in life. And then stick to it. Work hard. Climb that ladder. Be 'successful'.

If that works for you, and you have found your one true calling early in life then that is wonderful. But for many of us, there is more than one 'true' calling. For me, what I want out of life, and what I feel called to do/ be has changed many times. I have been a student, a risk manager, a community worker, and a mother. I have worked in government, in the private sector and with NGOs. Right now I am considering radically changing my direction and moving into design work for community and urban settings. It will take some time and involve risk, but so what? Why not if that is how I want to spend the next few years? Better than staying where I am beyond its 'use-by' date and becoming stale.

My point is, changing direction and trying new things - taking new paths and exploring new opportunities - is a good thing. I have found that if I follow my dreams, even when they change over time, and take action from a place of kindness toward myself and others, then things have a way of working out. Sometimes it has taken me through emotional and physical challenges, but that is ok. Because all of those choices and paths have made me the person I am today, in the place I am here and now. My next steps will take me to new places, and offer new challenges. That is ok too.

Life is full of choices and opportunities. Make your choices with confidence. Be curious. Do not let fear stop you from trying new pathways. You only live once, but you CAN live many paths.

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