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Hey Book-Lovers. Every week the Intentional Actionist will add a book to our Book Club that in some way inspires, motivates, grows knowledge or skills, or connects us to each other. These books are ones that I have found and think will be a positive addition to our resources. 

If you have a book that you would like to recommend then please go to the CONTACT section on this website and send me a message.

I am always on the lookout for a good read! Happy reading people.

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This week's book is "Prosperity Without Growth" by Tim Jackson. I read this a while ago and found it a fabulous presentation of an alternative economic approach that was written in a way that is accessible to us non-economists. 

Originally written as a report for the Sustainable Development Commission, the book the book summarizes the evidence showing that, beyond a certain point, growth does not increase human well-being. Prosperity without Growth analyses the complex  relationships between economic growth, environmental crisis and social matters. It proposes an alternative approach to a sustainable economy, and argues for a redefinition of "prosperity" in light of the evidence on what really contributes to people’s well-being. (Wikipedia)